Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff

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Best Quality Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff

Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff
Howard Leight

To capture low level sound, the Impact Sport employs built-in microphones that amplify range commands and other important sounds. Users enjoy full, clear directional hearing in stereo.

Product Ratings
  • “I’m still amazed that you can be wearing earmuffs, have great hearing protection, and be able to hold a normal conversation at the same time.” – Dustin Mackin
  • “Can hear different sound levels so you can hear normal conversations while still reducing very loud noise.” – Evelyn M Burger
  • “The seal against my head very well and the adjustments are ample to fit my big head.” – Flattman

Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Electronic Muffs

The new low-profile E-Max hearing protection combines great circuitry with a low profile earcup that’s ideal for shotgun shooters and action shooters.

Product Ratings
  • “I highly, highly recommend this for low-cost hearing protection.” – C. Ramirez
  • “You can have normal conversation with anyone without yelling and you hear them perfectly.” – TightGrouping
  • “They block out noise levels above 85 decibels, however 85 decibels is still pretty loud.” – Scott Mullin

Howard Leight by Honeywell R-01902 Impact Pro Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

This Impact Pro electonic earmuff shooting protection features 30 extreme noise reduction rating (NRR). Rugged earcup design with durable rubberized pressure points.

Product Ratings
  • “These work very well and are comfortable.” – Persius
  • “These canceled the shot sound VERY effectively AND I could easily carry on conversations and hear the range office calling out his “Clear” and “Hot” safety commands.” – Allen Cain
  • “Always comes on the block out high volume sounds like hammering and such regardless of how well you want to hear ambient sounds.” – D. Sharp

Radians Pro-Amp Electronic Hearing Protection

Radians® Pro-Amp¿ high performance earmuff features digital electronics that amplify low level noises while compressing high impact noises to safe levels.

Product Ratings
  • “I mailed a request to Radians and they have NOT RESPONDED.” – Veritas
  • “Taking them outside, I heard the air pass through the feathers of a crow’s wings as it passed thirty feet overhead.” – kone
  • “You can still hear range commands and converse with fellow shooters.” – Frank Phillips

2PACK - Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff Ear Protection
Howard Leight

THIS LISTING IS FOR 2 PAIRS OF the Howard Leight R-01526 Ear Muffs Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Muffs are an electronic earmuff with a sleek, low-profile ear cup design and an adjustable headband for a secure, non-slip fit.

Walker's Alpha Power Muffs Hearing Protection

Walker’s Power Muffs Alpha incorporates highly advanced technology providing you with unsurpassed sound quality, excellent speech clarity, superior hearing protection and sound enhancement.

Product Ratings
  • “These are both efficient and priced economically.” – kelpiemom
  • “High quality, light weight, thin profile, work very well.” – Timothy
  • “When it does break (and I’m pretty sure it will), I hear that Walker is great at sending you replacement parts.” – Big Wheel

Elvex COM-655 Electronic Non-Foldable Ear Muffs with Impulse Filter & 3.5mm Audio Input Jack, 25 dB NRR, Weight: 12.8 oz.

Elvex Level Dependent muff uses the same technical components and features (including impulse filter) as Elvex Com-550, but the electronics is tuned for continuous industrial noise, and the muff is a

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff 22 Nrr Folding Design Power Volume Knob
Howard Leight

Hunter green earcups with leatherette headband.

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